A few words from past clients

“Jane worked for us for a month in 2018 at our villa in South of France. Jane was fantastic. She did the planning of the menus, the shopping, prepared meals and cleared up afterwards. It was the first time I feel I’ve had a proper holiday. Jane followed our brief – to prepare easy, not too formal, healthy, fresh meals. As we have lots of friends, we often make last-minute plans and arrangements and Jane coped admirably!

My favourite meal was the bouillabaisse, but even the simple salads – like a tomato salad with salsa verde was a delight. She was tidy and clean. Everything was washed up and put away meaning when we’d finished and came inside, the place looked immaculate. When you have someone in your personal space, it’s important they are easy to be around.  Jane is friendly and easy to spend time with – so we enjoyed having her there.” Lucy


“You did a brilliant job and your food is scrumptious.”  Jane


"Jane did a great job catering for us, a large group of families with children, in Devon. She worked tirelessly to deliver non-stop delicious meals, which were imaginative but not too fancy which is exactly what we wanted. Great at judging quantities too so there wasn’t too much waste. Her roasts, Tiramisu and bouillabaisse were my favourites!" Freddie 


“Jane cooked on our charter yacht on Scotland’s west coast for five months in some of the worse weather and sailing conditions experienced in living memory. It is a testament to Jane’s determination and resolve that despite the formidable and continuous obstacles she continuously produced a series of meals to a high standard which were much enjoyed by our guests. Despite considerable adversity, Jane’s cooking was well up to the standards that our guests have come to appreciate.

Jane is a keen and very competent sailor and is very good company, easily capable of holding her own in the “cut and thrust” of shipboard life. In situations where one needs a member of crew who can deliver without fail, despite the obstacles in the way, then one can do a lot worse than have Jane on the team." Chris


"Great appreciation for all that you do to make us happy! Wonderful food and all good cheer comes our way! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.” Artist Lorraine and ladies

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